Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The pics you have been waiting for!

OK... here are the pics of my eye! It looks worse than I feel like it is - we still don't know what happened, but today it's oozing! Ick! 4 more days of antibiotics and warm compresses. It's back to the vet on Friday, if the swelling has not gone down by then (and so far, it hasn't changed!) Cross your paws!

Now, here's a happy picture - me and my big sister, Char!

Time to eat! (and take a pill - blech!)
Love and Licks,


Megan & Sherman said...

Hey Accord,
Hope that eye heals up soon. It looks pretty icky. My boy Sherman had a similar incident a few months ago and he is doing just fine now. :) I am Megan raising Sherman, do you mind if we link to your blog? Get better, okay?

Lani said...

Char- you're being such a nice big sister sharing your bed with the baby. Get better accord