Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hello World!

Hi there! I'm new around here - just born 9 weeks ago on February 19th. My name is Accord and I am going to be a guide dog when I grow up! My mom's name is Elsa and my dad is Domingo. I spent my first few weeks of life with just mom and my brothers and sisters. When I got bigger, I moved into the puppy kennels with my siblings - mom was tired of all us rugrats & went home. I can't remember all my siblings names, but some of them are April, Anka, Alanda, Amalfi and me - Accord!

Here are some pictures of me and my sibs in the kennel at Guide Dogs

I'll post more soon - lots of growing to do!


Elizabeth and Alana said...

I know the other siblings' names. The blog looks great! Alana is a crier too, and she was kenneled with you! She was RSF, so she was with the three boys. Alana can't wait to read more about your adventures!

Hannah and Myra said...

Hey this is Hannah. Would it be okay if I link to you and you can link to me to if you want., my puppy Myra is Accord's and Alanas half sister, they all have the same dad.

Lani said...

Hey Accord-

I'm Lani I have blog too, actually it's recycled it used to be my big sister Wafffle's. Welcome to the blogsphere