Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quiet around here!

I'm a bit perplexed by my current situation. I came home and was an only dog for a couple days. Then, Char came back to live with us. Then, a CC'd dog named Berlin came to stay with us for 5 days. I thought that was the life - so many friends, so little time! But, in just 2 days, all my friends have disappeared. Berlin left on Friday and they forgot to bring Char home from Guide Dogs today. I was kinda baffled by it, but they say she had to go to college. Whatever. Now I have no friends. The stinkin' nice cat got all grumpy with me when I tried to wrestle with him today. I thought, "hey, he's my size, this could be fun." But, Mr. Kitty didn't think so. Oh well.

Before we took Char to GDB, we had a busy day!
First, we had to wait patiently to eat.

Then, we had to work on stairs again. I'm getting good at going up, but still don't like thinking about coming down. Scary!!

Then, we went for some pictures. I didn't get to get out of my crate at the Golden Gate overlook, but Char got to take some pics and look at the bridge.

Then we went up the hill to where there are fewer people, no traffic and no dogs. I didn't get to touch the ground there, but I did get to come out of the crate to look at the bridge. I can't wait to see that thing up close!

One last pic of us all together

And one last car ride for Char

Then she was in the kennels - and wagging her tail so hard it is a blur!

Now it's just me, mom, dad, Mr. Kitty and Simba. Not sure what to do with myself - other than to convince those cats that I am a fun guy! Keep your paws crossed for me!

Love and Licks,


Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

Hi Accord! You are very cute! My name is Angel and I'm a puppy in training too, but I am lots bigger than you and yellow! Anyway, I sympathize with your confusion. I was confused for a while when I first came home too. I have a grumpy older sister who is always here, but when I first came home I had a big brother named Ellis who was black like you and lots of fun! Then one day this truck took him away! What? Very confusing. Mom kept talking about how he might come home someday, but then he went and got himself a job and now lives in some other state. He sometimes writes home and sends pictures, but it isn't as much fun as when he was here. My mom says that I will go to college someday too, but I hope it isn't too soon!

P.S. I hope your eye is feeling better! That looked like a big owie!

Lisa & Runza said...

Good luck Char! I'm sure you'll be wonderful in college.

Emily and Suede said...

Good luck to Char in college!!

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Char is going to do great! Her starter raiser has raised 5 starters pups, and they have ALL graduated! She's had a few full-time dogs too.

In answer to your question, Alana and Accord's littermates are Alioto, Amalfi, Alida, Anka, April, and Arquette. They are LSM, RHM, LSF, RHF, LHF, and DSF respectively. Alana and Accord are the big pups of the litter. Amalfi and April were picked up from GDB when I got Alana, Anka is in Emily and Angel's club, and I have a pretty good idea where Alioto went/is going to go.

Do you know Sue?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Char on going to college, and I'm sure you'll enjoy being the only pup, Accord. You'll get more atttention that way. :P