Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Big Day!

Well, I had my first big trip out all by myself today. Before, I had Char there to go with me, but now its just me - which is kinda scarier! Mom, Dad and I were invited to speak at a luncheon that GDB put on for local Legacy Society members (those people who donate money to GDB). I got all spiffy - teeth brushed, combed and pet wiped, even got my first pedicure last night! Then, we were off! The lunch was at the Kendall Jackson Wine Center. For a moment, I thought they meant WHINE center, so I tried to oblige, but then mom told me to be quiet. Oh well.

There were some big dogs there - a guide dogs named Nino (MBL), Tamar (MBL) and Buzz (MYL) and a career change cross named Henley. It was SO hard to be good with those big dogs there! But, *I* stole the show! Who could resist this face?!? Sure, they pet the other guys, but they all oohed and awed over me. That's cause I'm darn cute!

The chef guy who made the people food was so cool - he made dog cookies for each of us dogs to take home. Yum! I can't wait for my after dinner treat!

Though it was fun to get lots of pets and hang out with the big dogs, I was the only puppy who got to play with the butterflies! AND a lizzard! When you are at a vineyard, there are lots of friends to play with - I thought the butterfly wanted to do labby loops. I tried, but mom made me stop - she said I was supposed to be doing my "business." The lizzard just happened to scurry almost under my foot as we walked back inside. How's a boy to resist trying to get it???

Mom says I was a very good boy. Mom and Dad had to do the puppy shuffle while eating (that's where one cuts all their food while the other holds my leash and keeps me being good, then they trade. They said something about it being hard to use both hands when I am around - whatever!)

Mom says she hopes the next outing goes as well as that one did!

Love and Licks,


Elizabeth and Alana said...

Yay, Accord! These "A" babies sure are good. I love my 'Lana girl.

Elizabeth and Alana said...

Oh, Alioto's raiser has set up a Yahoo! Group for raisers of the "A" pups. We want as many raisers to join as possible, so if you're interested, e-mail me at and we can work it out.

Emily and Suede said...

Yay, Accord! Sounds like a great first outing ;)